Lessons are $60, one-hour, and provided at my home in Astoria.
*If you prefer lessons at your home, office or theater, the price is $90.
*Offered in Astoria and Manhattan (Upper West and East, Midtown, and certain parts of downtown).

     The ukulele is meant to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. My youngest student is 7 years old and my oldest is in her mid-60's, with many in between. If you have a desire to play the ukulele (or any other instrument), please do yourself a favor and seek it out! You'll be so glad you did.

     I like to provide a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for newcomers and pros alike. I will get you strumming in your first lesson.  I'll play melody on my uke or I'll sing, while you keep a steady rythym.   


Throughout your lessons, you’ll also learn:


•  How to pick out the perfect ukulele

•  Cleaning and maintenance

•  All of the parts of your uke

•  How to change the strings

•  How to tune your uke

•  How to read music 

•  How to sing and play at the same time



     If you don’t yet have a(n) ukulele, I will gladly let you play one of mine at your lessons, although it’s highly recommended you have one of your own so you can practice every day!  I have three different sizes so you can decide what’s best for you:


•  Soprano (the smallest)

•  Concert (just a little bigger)

•  Tenor   (A little bigger than a concert)


There is also what’s known as a “Baritone” which has different tuning.

     I can be seen playing my ukulele on season 2 of HBO’s “BOARDWALK EMPIRE.”  I have also played in numerous stage productions, including “School Of Rock” on Broadway.  My background in music includes classical piano, guitar, and a little violin, mandolin and upright bass, along with vocal performance.

To view my acting credits... www.spencermoses.com


©2012 Jerry Shaw

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